These drawings illustrate what the old house at 4a on the Benvardin road and it's outbuildings would have looked like originally. Unfortunately they were not preserved and are now used as storage for farm equipment and hay.    

The right hand end has been partly demolished, but the building is still recognisable from the inside - the apses of the windows can still be seen in the very thick walls.  

Below are photos taken recently.  

The buildings lay close to the southern side of the Benvarden road, a few hundred yards from the intersecting roads that are the centre of Derrykeighan.

March 2013: With more research and advice, this Property 4a,b,c of 24 acres on the Benvardin road, was leased by John Johnston from John Oliver in the Griffiths Valuation on 1861.    He was Thomas Johnston's maternal grandfather.

James Johnston leased Property 8 from John Montgomery, but sublet 8b,c,d,e cottages to four others, according to Griffiths.

March 2016 - still trying to find more, but still the 'brick walls'



    A book on the Derrkykeighan Graveyard is now available from http://ballymoneygraveyard.com/

A very comprehensive record of the graveyard and memorials, well worth having if you are connected to the area.

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