Thomas Johnston's Family, Linton

Thomas and Mary Ann Johnston lived in close contact with the Campbell (Inverleigh) and Rankin (Ondit) relations.   Thomas' occupation has been described as farmer, miner, and bore contractor.   They lived at Springvale (now Pittong), near Linton from 1867 until Thomas died there in 1916.  The rest of the family had moved into nearby Ballarat or Melbourne.  

The four daughters

Anne 1867-1943.  married Alec Saunders in 1906 and had one daughter Majie in 1908.    She died in Croydon, Vic. In 1917
Mary Jane 1869-1943.  married Alexander Tyers Sept.6, 1892 in Linton.   They  had children Carmen 1897 (WA), Mary Nowa 1893 (Linton), Alexander 1895 (Linton),  Audrey 1900 (Bendigo) Joyce 1907  Georgina Annie 1902 (Healesville), Marian 1904 (Healesville). Died Hawthorn, Vic 1943

James Campbell 1870 - 1934 Married Clarice Young.  Was Stationmaster at Flinders Railway Station, Melbourne for many years.   

1872-1937.  He married Adeline De La Hant in Sandstone, WA when he was there as engineer for Ronaldson & Tippett, mining engineers of Ballarat.  His two children Donald Campbell Johnston (1907) and Elsie Marian (1909) were born there.  Later served in the AIF in WW II at Somme, Ypres in 1915/16.  Invalided home to Ballarat, where he died after a long illness 23/4/1937

Thomas 1875- 1943.  He married Miriam Tasker. In 1901.   Children: Donald 1910, Lucy 1904, Marianne 1908, Nancy 1913, Betty 1915 & Peggy 1918.   Died 24 January 1943.

1877-1948.  One of the first women teachers to graduate in Victoria (Grenville College, Ballarat)  Ran her own school, Winton College, in Ballarat 1922-1948.    She died in 1953.

1879-1956.  Milliner, ran her own children's programme on 3BA radio station for along time, fine singing voice.   Died 1956.

John Duncan (Jack)  1882-1912 Auctioneer, worked on Shire Council, Birchip Victoria.   Died of  pneumonia  13th August 1912.

William Colin 1885-1958.  Worked at West Wyalong for many years.  Married Peggy McDougall  1922  in Melbourne, she died 1936.  
He lived in retirement in Ballarat, and died 1958.

The five Johnston sons

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